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Europcar Spain Rental Terms for travel between 01-Feb-2015 and 31-Dec-2019

All deposits taken at time of booking are non-refundable.

Europcar  (hereinafter  called  the  “Rental  Party”)  rents  the  vehicle  referred  to  in  the
driver’s/drivers’  contract  (hereinafter  called  the  “Vehicle”)  to  the  person(s)  identified  in  the
contract as the driver(s) and/or payer(s) (hereinafter called the “Renter”), in accordance with the
clauses  and  conditions  contained  in  this  document  and  its  appendices,  and  in  relation  to  the
Tarifa  General  Vigente  [Applicable  General  Rate]  (a copy  of  which  is  at  the  disposal  of  the
Renter at the rental station) and to the price agreed upon in the rental agreement, depending on
the selected rate.

Article 1. Use of the Vehicle
1.1  The Renter undertakes to use and drive the Vehicle in accordance with the basic rules of
driving  and  circulation,  and  in  accordance  with  the specifications  of  use  of  the  type  of
Vehicle in question.
1.2  In the case of using the vehicle for transporting children under three or persons older than that age
who  are  no  taller  than  150  centimetres,  the  Lessee  must  communicate  this  circumstance  to  the
Lessor.  This  is  so  that  the  latter  may  provide  the  corresponding obligatory retention device, which
without being fixed to the vehicle is officially approved in accordance with the weight and height of the
child or person who must use it. Detailed instructions from the manufacturer as to the correct fitting of
the seat and the child or person who is to use it must also be supplied. Under no circumstances will
the  Lessor  be  obliged  to  carry  out  the  installation and/or  fitting  of  the  aforementioned  obligatory
retention  device  to  the  vehicle;  the  former  merely  complies  with  the  aforementioned  obligation  to
deliver the same to the Lessee on communication from the latter.
In  any  case  the  Lessor  will  not  incur  any  possible  liability  deriving  from  bodily  injuries  or  property
damages that may occur as a consequence of the non-compliance by the Lessee with the above mentioned 
obligation  of  notification.  The  same  is  true  of  the  failure  to  use  or  install  the  obligatory
retention device or its incorrect use by the Lessee and of any possible defect of manufacture of the
above-mentioned obligatory retention device.
1.3  The Customer undertakes not to use the Vehicle and/or not allow it to be used in the following cases:
driving on unauthorised or unpaved roads or for which the condition might suppose a risk of damage
to  the  vehicle;  passenger  transport  for  remuneration;  pushing  or  towing  any  vehicle  or  any  other
object, whether or not rolling; participating in competitions, official or otherwise; performing tests on
the  resistance  of  materials,  accessories  or  products  for  automobiles  (except  with  express
authorisation from the Hire Company); driving the vehicle under the effects alcohol, drugs or any other
narcotics substances; transporting inflammable and/or dangerous merchandise, toxic, harmful and/or
radioactive  products  or  those  that  infringe  current legal  provisions,  as  well  as  the  transport  of
merchandise with a weight, quantity and/or volume in excess of what is authorised in the vehicle’s
Traffic Circulation Permit and/or Technical Inspection Sheet; transporting any object other than cases
on the vehicle’s roof-rack; transporting passengers at a number in excess of what is authorised and
indicated  in  the  Vehicle’s Traffic Circulation Permit and/or Technical Inspection Sheet; transporting
live animals (with the exception of pets and/or domestic animals, subject to authorisation from the Hire
Company); with a roof-rack, luggage rack or similar not provided by the Hire Company, transporting
children  under  the  age  of  three  or  persons  above  the  age  of  three  who  are  not  higher  than  150
centimetres without using the corresponding obligatory retaining device as approved for the weight
and size of the child or person who is to use this.
1.4  The Renter is obliged to safely and correctly distribute and secure goods transported in a Van.
1.5  Only the person or persons identified and accepted  by the Renting Company in the rental contract
shall be authorised to drive the Vehicle, provided that this person or persons is aged above 21, 25 or
more than 30 years, depending on the Vehicle group indicated in the General Tariff Applicable, and
who  are  holders  of  a  valid  driving  licence  that  has been  in  force  for  at  least  one  year.  Only  the
following are considered to be driving licences valid in Spain:
- Those issued in accordance with Spanish legislation in force;
- Those issued by Member States of the European Union in accordance with community
- Those issued by other countries or of an international nature that have been recognised
as valid for the purposes of driving in Spain.
Notwithstanding the above, the validity of said licences shall be conditioned to these being in
force and that their holder has the required aged in accordance with Spanish legislation in
order to be able to obtain the equivalent Spanish licence.
The Rental Company, as an essential requirement forentering into this contract, reserves
the right to request the Renter, as from the moment of signing this contract and during its
duration,  a  document  in  addition  to  the  Driving  Licence  accrediting  the  identity  of  the
Vehicle’s driver.
If, in accordance with what is established in current legislation, the Renter breaches his or
her obligation to identify the Vehicle’s driver, and/or it is impossible for him or her to make
such identification and/or an incorrect identification of the driver is made, the Renter shall be
responsible for paying any fine or sanction that the Rental Company might have to bear in
such a case and with regard to all such violations committed during the Rental period.
The Rental Company reserves the express right to refuse the hire of the Vehicle in the event
of the person indicated by the Renter for driving the same does not duly accredit that he or
she is the holder of a valid driving licence that is in force at the time of handing the vehicle
over to the Renter in accordance with what is stipulated in the contract.
1.6  The  Lessee  agrees  to  keep  the  Vehicle  locked  when  not  in  use  and  to  keep  the  vehicle
documents  inside  it,  undertaking  to  protect  and  guard the keys securely and at all times,
taking appropriate measures to prevent them from being stolen. Should the Lessee fail to
comply with these provisions, the THW shall not apply.
1.7  It is prohibited for the Renter to transfer, rent, mortgage, pawn, sell or in any way pledge the
Vehicle, the rental agreement, the keys, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and/or
the accessories of the Vehicle and/or any part of same; or to treat the foregoing in a manner
which may be of detriment to the Rental Party.
1.8  Should any of the indicator lights indicating an anomaly in the functioning of the vehicle
become  illuminated,  or  if  external  signs  indicating breakdown  or  malfunctioning  of  the
same  are  perceived,  the  Renter  must  stop  the  Vehicle  immediately.   In  the  event  of
noncompliance with the foregoing, the Renter shall  be liable for the cost of repairs that
may be so occasioned to the Vehicle, and especially, those of motor seizure caused by
travel or use of the Vehicle without sufficient lubricant or pump pressure following impact
with an object in the road or any element forming part of the road layout, when the correct
functioning of the indicator lights for the oil pressure pump and motor temperature can be
demonstrated. In the cases described in the present Article, the Renter must contact with
the  Lessor  or  the  roadside  Assistance  Company  approved  by  the  Lessor,  and  with  no
other party. Any costs payable to parties other than the said Assistance Company shall be
accepted only in cases of emergency, and with the prior authorization of the Lessor.
1.9  The  use  of  the  Car  is  permitted  solely  in  peninsular  Spain,  the  Balearic  Islands  and  the
Canary  Islands,  as  well  as  in  the  European  continental  part  of  the  following  countries:
Andorra,  Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark,  Finland,  France Germany,  Italy,  Liechtenstein,
Luxembourg,  Monaco,  the  Netherlands,  Norway,  Portugal,  San  Marino,  Spain,  Sweden,
Switzerland and in the British Isles. Also, in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and the British
Islands one may only use vehicles in categories A,  B, C, D, I, E, F and H, according to their
equivalence in the General Rates in force.
1.10  The use of Industrial Vehicles, Cargo Vans and Off-road Vehicles is only permitted in Spain
and Portugal.
1.11  The transportation of the Vehicle on board any typeof boat, ship, train, lorry or aeroplane is
not permitted (unless express written authorisation has been given by the Rental Party).
1.12  It  is  not  permitted  to  use  the  vehicle  inside  ports,  airports,  and/or  aerodromes  and/or
analogous  or  similar  of  a  character  not  accessible  to  public  traffic,  or  in  refinery  and  oil
company  premises  or  installations  without  express  written  authorisation  from  the  Rental
Company. If the Lessor grants its consent to the Lessee in accordance with the above, the
Lessor is to inform the Lessee of the Third Party insurance cover that may be applicable in
this case and which will vary depending on the circumstances. Failure to comply with this
clause will be the exclusive responsibility of the Lessee.
1.13  The Rental Company reserves the right to reclaim the Vehicle from the Vehicle Renter and to invoice
and charge the latter for the corresponding amounts pursuant to article 4) of these General Conditions
in the event of a breach by the Vehicle Renter of the conditions contained herein and/or if the Vehicle
Renter uses the Vehicle in a manner contrary to that agreed.

Article 2. Condition of the Vehicle
2.1  Both when the vehicle is handed over and when it is returned, Europcar and the Hirer are to note on
the rental contract any minor damage visible on the Vehicle, in accordance with the list of damage
and  average  repair  costs  displayed  at  the  hire  office  counter  and  that  the  Hirer  states  he  or  she
For the purposes of this clause, minor damage is set out in the list/s of damage displayed at the hire
office counter, as stated in Article 4 of these general conditions.
At  the  time  of  Vehicle  handover  any  minor  damage  not  repaired  should  be  reflected  on  the  Hire
Contract with the corresponding signatures of Europcar and the Hirer. At the end of the rental when
the Vehicle is returned, any new minor damage to the vehicle is to be identified, in which case this is
to be expressly set out in the hire contract, and is to be approved and signed by Europcar and the
Hirer;  if  possible,  the  Hirer  is  to  validate  the  new  damage  on  the  vehicle's  return  with  electronic
signature  or  the  signature  of  the  corresponding  document  additional  to the hire contract. The new
damage is to be charged to the Hirer at the averagere pair prices included in the list/s displayed at the
hire office counter as stated in Article 4 of theseGeneral Conditions.
This average repair cost is to be billed directly by Europcar to the Hirer and is to include the items that are
applicable as defined in Article 4 of these General Conditions. The Hirer is to pay this cost to Europcar
in accordance with what is stipulated in article 4.2 of these General Conditions.
2.2  Except for possible minor damage that may be reflected in the hire contract as described in Article
2.1, the Lessor delivers the vehicle to the Lessee  in good apparent working order, in good external
condition,  and clean, after the internal controls of the Lessor have been passed, with two warning
triangles, with a high-visibility reflective safety jacket, and with all its tyres (including the spare) in good
condition and without punctures. In the case of any deterioration and/or damage to any of the tyres
(due  to  any  reason  other  than  normal  wear  and  tear, faulty  fitting,  or a manufacturing defect), the
Lessee undertakes to replace them immediately at its expense with other identical tyres of the same
make and model, unless the deterioration and/or damage has occurred as a consequence of a road
accident, robbery, or vandalism, in which case that set down in article 7 of these general conditions
will be applicable.
2.3  It is prohibited for the Renter to alter any technical characteristic of the Vehicle, the keys,
the equipment, the tools and/or accessories of the Vehicle, or to make any modification to
the  external  and/or  internal  appearance  (unless  express  written  authorisation  has  been
given by the Rental Party). Should this article be breached, the Renter must bear the duly
justified  costs  of  restoring  the  Vehicle  to  its  original  condition,  and  pay  a  sum  as
compensation  for  the  immobilization  of   the  Vehicle,  which  shall  be  calculated  in
accordance with the criterion established in article 4.1 b) of these General Conditions.

Article 3. Price, duration and extension of renting
3.1  The renting price is that expressed in the rental agreement and is established according
to the Tarifa General Vigente [Applicable General Rate] (concerning services, taxes, and
insurance and/or optional exemptions) and the price agreed upon with the Renter at the
moment of renting, according to the selected rate.
3.2  The  rental  price  includes  the  cost  of  compulsory  car  insurance  and  the  civil  liability
supplement with their applicable taxes. In addition and where applicable, the rental price
includes the “Young Driver” surcharge applicable to drivers / Renters in the 21, 25 to 30
age range. This price does not include the price of the optional exemptions and insurance
regulated respectively in Section 6.7 and Clause 8  of these General Terms which, where
applicable,  must  be  expressly  contracted  by  the  Renter.  In  such  a  case,  the  prices
charged to the Renter for such options shall be added to the total rental price.
3.3  The duration of the renting shall be that agreed upon in the contract, and shall be invoiced
on the basis of periods of twenty-four hours, starting from the time at which this contract is
entered into. There exists a period of grace of 30  minutes; once it has expired, an extra
renting  day  shall  be  invoiced  according  to  the  price  established  in  the  Tarifa  General
Vigente [Applicable General Rate].
3.4  Under  no  circumstances  may  the  amount  guaranteed  or paid  at  the  beginning  of  the
renting  period  be  used  for  an  extension  of  same.  Should  the  Renter  wish  to  keep  the
Vehicle for a longer period of time than that initially agreed upon, the Renter undertakes to
obtain  the  prior  express  authorisation  of  the  Rental  Party  and  to  immediately  pay  the
additional deposit for said extension. The price that will be applied to the rental extension
period  will  be  the  price  established  in  the  Tarifa  General  Vigente  [Applicable  General
3.5  The Renter undertakes to return the Vehicle to the Rental Party on the day and at the time
and  place  agreed  upon  in  the  rental  agreement.  The  return  of  the  Vehicle  at  a  place
different from that initially agreed upon may involve additional charges, in accordance with
the Tarifa General Vigente [Applicable General Rate]. The service is only considered to be
completed once the Vehicle and its keys have been handed over to the Rental Party.

Article 4. Payments
4.1  The Renter agrees to pay the Company on demand:
a.  The amount resulting from the application of the Current Tariff Rates and the price agreed in
the  rental  contract,  corresponding  to  the  duration  of  the  contract,  insurance,  optional
extensions,  additional  equipment  and  complementary  services,  together  with  any  tax  and
fees payable.
b.  The value of damage and/or theft suffered completely or partially in the Vehicle which is not
covered by the Optional Exemptions (see Clauses 7 and 8) contracted by the Renter or if the
protection applicable in each case was not contracted by the Renter, as well as loss and
damage from loss of earnings resulting from the immobilisation of the vehicle and, where
applicable, loss and damage resulting from breach of Article 1 of these General Terms.
The amount charged to the Renter for damage caused to the Vehicle shall be calculated in
accordance with the average prices for repairs and  spare parts scale certified by external
damage assessment company (a copy of this scale is  available to Renters at all Europcar
offices) or by an alternative external expert. The scale includes the compensation to be paid
by the Renter for loss of earnings as a result of the immobilisation of the Vehicle. If such
quantification cannot be carried out in advance dueto the significance of the damage, the
Renter shall pay the amount stated in the estimate issued by a garage or an external expert
contracted  by  EUROPCAR  to  that  end,  plus  the  appropriate  compensation  for  loss  of
earnings as a result of the immobilisation of the vehicle, in accordance with the daily amount
established  in  the  above  mentioned  scale.  The  Renter’s  maximum  liability  shall  be  the
Vehicle's market value in accordance with the maximum price stated in the Ganvam guide in
force at the time of the incident.
c.  The cost of transporting and/or repairing damagecaused to the Vehicle resulting from the
use of the wrong fuel, contravening article 10 of the General Conditions of this contract. The
total cost will be calculated as established in point b) of this section.
d.  The  amount  of  any  fines  resulting  from  any  breach  of  traffic  regulations  when  using  the
Vehicle by the Renter, and any legal or additional costs or fines for late payment which are
incurred by the Renter as a result.
e.  The  cost  of  producing  and/or  sending  a  set  of  keys  for  the  Vehicle  to  an  office  of
EUROPCAR in the case of loss or breakage of the keys to the Vehicle, or returning the keys
to the Vehicle from any office other than the one to which the Vehicle was returned, or any
other situation which results in the Vehicle being immobilised that is the responsibility of the
Renter.  In  such  cases,  the  Company  may  charge  the  Renter  the equivalent of one day’s
extra rental to cover the costs of the immobilisation of the Vehicle as a result of any of the
aforementioned causes.
f.  The amount of €30 plus the applicable value added tax, or equivalent tax in force, (36, 30
€ tax included in Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 32,10 € in Canary Islands) for
each component of the GPS navigation system leased as an optional extra or the amount
of  €120  plus  the  applicable  value  added  tax,  or  equivalent  tax  in  force,  (145,2  €  tax
included in Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or128,40 € in Canary Islands) in the
event of the theft or loss of all the equipment, orof the touch screen, or the failure and/or
breakage of the equipment.
g.  The amount of €30 plus the applicable value added tax, or equivalent tax in force, (36, 30
€ tax included in Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 32,10 € in Canary Islands) for
each component of the 3G router leased as an optional extra or the amount of €180 plus
the applicable value added tax, or equivalent tax in force, (217,80 € tax included in Spain
Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 192,60 € in Canary Islands) in the event of the theft or
loss of all the equipment or the failure and/or breakage of the equipment.
h.  An amount of €30 plus the applicable value-addedtax, or equivalent tax in effect, 36, 30 €
tax included in Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 32,10 € in Canary Islands) for
each  tablet  device  hired  as  optional  equipment  with the Vehicle, or an amount of 500€
including taxes, in the event of the theft, robbery, loss of all the equipment or damage
and/or breakage of the equipment.
i.  The  amount  of  €  15.03  plus  VAT,  or  equivalent  applicable  tax,  (18,19  €  tax  included  in
Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 16,08 € in Canary Islands) should the Vehicle be
returned without the pair of warning triangles.
j.  The amount of € 10 plus VAT, or equivalent applicable tax, (12,10 € tax included in Spain
Mainland  and  Balearic  Islands;  or  10,70  €  in  Canary Islands)    should  the  Vehicle  be
returned without its documentation (certified copy  of the Vehicle’s MOT certificate, certified
copy of the Vehicle’s log book and insurance policy).
k.  The  amount  of  €  12.01  plus  VAT,  or  equivalent  applicable  tax,  (14,53  €  tax  included  in
Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 12,85 € in Canary Islands) should the Vehicle be
returned without the reflective safety jacket.
l.  The  amount  of  €  33.36  plus  the  applicable  Value  Added  Tax,  or  equivalent  tax  in  force,
(40,37  €  tax  included  in  Spain  Mainland  and  Balearic  Islands;  or  35,70  €  in  Canary
Islands) as a Traffic Sanctions Administration charge (fines). Said charge will be payable for
every bulletin or disciplinary proceeding instructed by the competent authority in relation to
the leased vehicle and due to events occurring during the lease period. This charge will not
be applicable where the Lessee has taken out FAW protection, pursuant to stipulation 6.4
m.  The amount of €50.75 plus the applicable value added tax, or equivalent tax in force, (61,
41 € tax included in Spain Mainland and Balearic Islands; or 54,30 € in Canary Islands) is
charged for Damage Records Management. This charge is payable should the vehicle be
damaged during the lease period, regardless of the extent of this damage, its cause and
the potential contracting of Optional Exemptions laid down in Articles 7 and 8.
Notwithstanding  the  foregoing  as  regards  the  aforementioned  charge,  it  shall  not  be
applicable  in  the  event  of  damage  due  to  collision  in  those  circumstances  covered  by
CDW, provided that the SPCDW protection has been contracted. Said charge shall not be
applicable  also  when  damages  arise  from  total  or  partial  theft,  or  sabotage  covered  by
THW, provided that the SPTHW protection has been contracted.
n.  The amount of 123.97 € tax included as a  Breakdown  Assistance 

Administration  charge.  Said  charge  will  be  payable  where  the
Breakdown Assistance Company contracted by the Lessor has provided services during the
lease  period  in  order  to  attend  to  incidents  which  occur  due  to:  (I)  error,  negligence  or
misuse of the vehicle by the Lessee, (II) loss of keys, breakage or locking them within the
vehicle,  (III)  lack  of  fuel  or  refuelling  with  the  incorrect  fuel,(IV)  recovery  of  vehicles  from
places or routes which are not suitable for drivingor are not paved,(V) faulty installation of
accessories in the vehicle by the Lessee.
4.2  Form of Payment: Payment by the Renter to the Rental Company of the amounts indicated in
section 4.1 above is to be made by credit card, Europcar form of payment or in cash..
In  those  transactions  in  which  the  currency  for  the holder  of  the  credit  card  with  which
payment is to be made differs from that for the country where the Rental is billed, the Renter
shall have the possibility at the start of the Rental for the payment to be made in the currency
of  the  country  in  which  the  Rental  is  effected  (hereinafter  the  Rental  currency)  or  in  the
currency of his or her own credit card:
If the Renter opts to make payment in the currency  of his or her own credit card, the total
amount  to  be  paid  for  the  Rental  is  to  be  converted by  the  Rental  Company  into  the
aforementioned currency of the credit card holder, applying the day’s rate of exchange in force
as determined by Reuters, plus an additional chargeof 3.25% as commission. Any deferred
or modified charge is to be processed in the same currency selected by the Renter on the day
this is received and applying the rate of exchange in force on that date. In this case the Rental
contract  will  contain  the  expression  THE  TOTAL  AMOUNT  TO  BE  CHARGED  SHALL  BE
BILLED  IN  CURRENCY  OF  YOUR  CREDIT  CARD,  along  with  the  three-digit  code  that
identifies this currency (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR). In any case, the invoice corresponding to the
Rental shall be issued exclusively in euros, independently of whether the payment is made in
a different currency.
Currency  conversion  services  shall  be  provided  by  Monex  Financial  Services  or  another
entity of a similar nature.
If the Renter wishes to change the Rental currency  subsequently, this change may only be
made  at  the  time  the  Vehicle  is  returned  and  once  a detail  of  the  charges  relating  to  the
corresponding  Vehicle  has  been  requested. If the Renter does not express at the moment
indicated above his or her wish to change the Rental currency the choice taken at the time of
vehicle  hand-over  is  considered  to  be  definitive  and  with  no  possibility  for  subsequent
If, for any reason, the conversion cannot be processed by the Rental Company or if this were
to be refused by holder of the credit card at the time of Rental, the currency of the country of
Rental is to be applied and the final charge is to be made by the credit card’s issuing bank in
accordance with the currency conversion conditions applied by that bank.
4.3  Deposit: In all cases, before rental of the Vehicle can begin, the Renter will pay a deposit
to the Company equal to the tariff for the Vehicle multiplied by the rental period, increased
by 20%, plus, in the case that there should be any,the costs of any additional services
contracted by the Renter. This amount will remain in the possession of the Company as a
guarantee that the Renter will pay all amounts thatmight arise. The deposit may be made
by credit card, EUROPCAR payment method or in Cash.
Without prejudice to the aforementioned, should theRenter choose to use a credit card as
the form of payment, before the rental period begins, the Company will request authorisation
from the issuer of the credit card for the amount of the deposit against payment obligations
that  the  Renter  might  incur  during  the  rental  period.  This amount will be available, at the
request of the Company, from the beginning of the rental period. On return of the Vehicle,
the amount charged to the Renter for the rental of the Vehicle and other services as detailed
in section 4.1 of this contract will be charged to  the Renter’s credit card, unless the Renter
offers an alternative form of payment. From this moment, the authorisation requested at the
beginning of the rental period from the credit cardcompany as a deposit will be cancelled.
Should  the  Renter  choose  to  pay  using  a  EUROPCAR  payment  method  or  Cash,  on
return of the Vehicle and, as a result, terminationof the rental agreement, the amount left
as a deposit will be returned to the Renter, or discounted from any invoice to be paid to
the Company for the rental of the vehicle and once it has been verified that the Renter has
met all payment obligations arising from this contract.

Article 5. Car Insurance
5.1  The rental rates are to include the Mandatory MotorInsurance and the Complementary
Public Liability cover for damage and harm caused to third parties deriving from the use of
the Vehicle.
5.2  This  coverage  is  guaranteed  and  is  assumed  by  the  insurer  with  which  the  Rental
Company  or  the  owner  of  the  Vehicle  has  taken  out  the  relevant  insurance  policy. It is
subject to the general and special clauses of the policy and the law.
5.3  Through the signing of the rental agreement, the Renter becomes the insured party with
respect to the aforementioned policy. A copy of this policy exists and may be consulted in
all Europcar offices.
5.4  This policy does not cover the damages to, losses of or any other damage suffered by the
luggage, goods or personal items transported in theVehicle, or the total or partial loss of
or damages suffered by the Vehicle due to theft and/or vandalism and/or traffic accidents.

Article 6. Optional insurances
6.1  PAI (Personal Accident Protection)
Personal Accident Protection – Reimbursement of medical costs and indemnity for death
and/or permanent invalidity -
The PAI is a personal accident insurance taken out  with ACE European Group Ltd, under
policy  number  FRBBBA00558  that  provides  cover  for  both  the  driver  and  the  vehicle's
occupants, contracting an indemnity in the event ofdeath and/or permanent invalidity and
provides limited reimbursement of medical cost arising in the case of a collision or traffic
6.2  SUPER-PAI (SUPER Personal Accident Protection)
a)  SPAI  offers  an  alternative  and  superior  protection  to  the  one  offered  by  PAI,  through
insurance  policy  number  FRBBBA00557,  signed  with  the  business  organization  ACE
European  Group  Ltd.,  which  guarantees,  both  for  the driver  and  the  passengers  of  the
vehicle through hiring, a limited reimbursement of the medical expenses due to collision or
circulation accident during the use of the leased vehicle.
b) Furthermore, when hiring SPAI, it offers compensation in the event of loss, damages,
theft or destruction of your luggage and the personal effects contained therein, as a result
of a collision or traffic accident, as well as in the event of theft of such property.
Under no circumstance should PAI and SPAI protections be hired jointly, either individually
or being part of any of the protection packages stated in Article 8 bis herein below.
6.3  GIT (Goods in Transit Protection)
Goods protection for vans transportation vehicles
The  GTI  is  an  optional  insurance  taken  out  with  the  entity  ALLIANZ,  COMPAÑÍA  DE
SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A. under policy no.027890139 applicable exclusively to
rentals of Industrial Vehicles and Freight Vans forcover, when contracted, of indemnity for
damage suffered by the merchandise transported by the Customer in the Vehicle, as a
consequence of a collision, traffic accident or theft.
In order to be able to initiate the claim in the event of collision, traffic accident, or theft
before the pertinent insurer, in connection with the hired protections, described in Articles
6.1, 6.2 and 6.3, it shall be necessary that the Renter submits the accident notice, and/or
the  original  theft  report  completed  with  the  relevant  authorities,  before  the  nearest
EUROPCAR office, within 24 hours as from the date when the fact occurred, except for
compelling circumstances and always before the vehicle’s rent period ends.
6.4  FAW (Fine Appeal Protection)
The  FAW  constitutes  optional  insurance  covering  Legal  Defence  in  the  case  of
Administrative Traffic Infractions and the Limited  Reimbursement of Enrolment Expenses
in Drivers’ Education Courses aimed at Partially Recovering Points.
In order for this coverage to be applicable, the FAW must be contracted at the beginning of
the rental period and for the entire duration of the vehicle lease.
The coverage provided by this Protection is subjectto the General Conditions and/or the
Particular  Conditions  of  the  Insurance  Policy  in  question,  a  copy  of  which  is  available  at
Europcar offices, and in which the Insurer is Asegurador ARAG Compañía Internacional de
Seguros y Reaseguros SA, the Policyholder is Europcar IB S.A. and the Insured Party is
the individual that uses the vehicle leased from Europcar IB S.A. and that at the date of the
infraction had included the FAW benefit in the Rental Contract entered into with Europcar
In  the  event  this  coverage  is  necessary,  the  Insured  Party  should  directly  contact  the
Insurer, ARAG Compañía Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A., by calling 902 15
17 85.
6.5  These optional types of insurance shall only be applicable and valid when the Renter has
expressly taken out the corresponding policies, and they shall only apply during the period
stipulated and agreed upon in the rental agreement.
6.6  These types of cover are guaranteed by the insurer  with whom the Rental Party has taken
out the corresponding insurance policy applicable in each case; and they remain subject to
what is agreed upon in the general and specific conditions of said policy (a copy of which
may be consulted in all Europcar offices) and to existing legislation.

Article 7. Optional Protections
7.1  CDW (Collision Damage Protection)
Exemption (except for the amount of the excess) from liability for damages caused to the
Vehicle in the event of a collision against a fixed or mobile object.
a)  The CDW is an optional service offered directly by  the Rental Party which frees the
Renter  (except  for  the  amount  of  the  excess),  by  means  of  its  undertaking,  of  the
financial liability exclusively for the damages caused to the Vehicle as a consequence
of  a  collision  against  a  other  vehicles  or  fixed  or mobile  objects,  excluding  those
caused by acts of vandalism except in the event the latter occur during the use of the
Under  no  circumstances  should  be  covered  by  CDW  those  damages  caused  on
crystals,  optics,  rear-view  mirrors,  wheel  rims  and tires  of  the  leased  vehicle  when
occurring in situations different from those described in the foregoing paragraph. As for
crystals, optics and mirrors, damages as a result of dents with iron stones or other type
of stones shall not be covered.
b)  The  non-undertaking  of  the  CDW  implies  the  Renter’s financial  liability  for  the
damages caused to the vehicle and the compensation for the immobilization of same,
in  accordance  with  the  stipulations  laid  down  in  article  4.1  b)  of  these  General
c)  The  CDW  (Collision  Damage  Protection)  is  only  applicable  if  the  Renter  correctly
completes the Accident Report, in which the data corresponding to the vehicles and
drivers  involved  in  the  accident  as  well  as  the  details  of  the  conditions  and
circumstances under which the accident occurred must be clearly stated.
7.2  THW (Theft Protection)
Exemption  (except  for  the  amount  of  the  excess)  from  liability  in  the  event  of  total  or
partial theft of the vehicle and damages caused to  same by acts of vandalism during its
parking when it is not being used by the renter
a)  The  THW  is  an  optional  service  provided  directly  by the  Lessor  which,  when
contracted,  exempts  the  Lessee  (excluding  the  corresponding  excess  amount)  from
financial liability for the total or partial theft of the Vehicle and damage caused to it as a
result thereof and/or of acts of vandalism during its parking when it is not being used
by the Renter
Under  no  circumstances  should  be  covered  by  THW  the total  or  partial  theft,  and
damages  caused  on  crystals,  optics,  rear-view  mirrors,  wheel  rims  and  tires  of  the
leased  vehicle  when  occurring  in  situations  different  from  those  described  in  the
foregoing paragraph.
In the event of the total theft of the vehicle, the Lessor shall retain this excess even
after  the  vehicle  has  been  recovered,  when  the  value  of  damage  to  the  vehicle
exceeds this amount, or when the daily rental rate contracted by the Lessee multiplied
by the number of days that the vehicle has been stolen is greater than this excess, or
when the sum of both (damage and the result of this calculation) is also greater.
b)  The  non-undertaking  of  THW  implies  the  Renter’s  financial  liability  for  damages  or
losses  due  to  acts  of  vandalism  or  the  total  or  partial  theft  of  the  Vehicle  during  its
parking  when  it  is  not  being  used  by  the  Renter  and the  compensation  for  the
immobilization of same, in accordance with the stipulations laid down in article 4.1 b) of
these General Conditions.
c)  The THW is only applicable if the Rental Party hands over the keys of the Vehicle to
the Renter (the original set which was handed over  at the moment in which the rental
agreement  was  entered  into)  without  them  having  been  manipulated  in  any  way
whatsoever,  and  if  the  original  of  the  report  of  the  incident  is  submitted  to  the
appropriate authorities.
7.3  CDW and THW Protections: Specifications
a)  The Tarifa General Vigente [Applicable General Rate] establishes a minimum sum to
be paid by the Renter (franchise) for the damages and/or losses caused to the Vehicle
which are not covered by either CDW or THW.
b)  Under  no  circumstances  will  the  CDW  cover  the  damage  caused  to  the  vehicle,
whatever its type, when this occurs as a consequence of crashing into trees, tunnels,
bridges, garages, or garage doors, and in general any other object, as a consequence
of an incorrect appraisal of its height by the driver.
c)  In no case does the CDW cover damage caused to the Vehicle, whatever its category,
when this arises as a consequence of driving the Vehicle when it is overloaded, above
the limits authorised in the Vehicle’s Traffic Licence and/or Technical Specifications or
from  driving  the  Vehicle  in  places  such  as  beaches, unsuitable  roads,  forest  paths,
mountains, etc., which are not authorised and pavedroads; those produced by blows
against stones or any other object and potholes in the road; and those caused to wheel
rims and tyres by blows against kerbs caused by parking manoeuvres. Neither does
the CDW cover in any case damage caused to vehicles due to water flooding caused
by  weather  or  any  other  cause  if  the  vehicle  has  been  parked  in  flood  zones,  dry
riverbeds or non asphalted water courses and, in any case, when the vehicles are not
duly parked in asphalted areas specifically assigned for vehicle parking.
d)  The CDW and the THW shall not apply should the Lessee fail to comply with any of
these  General  Conditions,  in  particular  with  the  provisions  of  Article  1.1,  when  the
accident  is  a  result  of  the  Lessee  failing  to  observe  stop  signs  and  give  way  signs,
driving through red lights, driving in the wrong direction, and hitting other vehicles on
the road by failing to respect the safety distance.
e)  The types of cover provided by the CDW and the THW do not apply in the event of the
cost  of  the  repair  of  the  damages  or  partial  theft  being  less  than  or  equal  to  the
franchise established in the Tarifa General Vigente[Applicable General Rate] for each
category  and/or  group  of  Vehicle,  in  which  case  this  cost,  up  to  the  limit  of  the
franchise, shall always be paid by the Renter.
f)  The  CDW  shall  not  apply  should  the  Lessee  fail  to  deliver  the  duly  signed  and
completed  Accident  Report  to  the  Lessor  within  24  hours  of  the  date  on  which  the
accident took place, except in cases of force majeure, and in any case before the end
of the vehicle lease period. Should the Lessee fail to deliver the Accident Report to the
Lessor, a minimum charge of €75 + the applicable value added tax or equivalent tax in
force  (92,12  €  tax  included  in  Spain  Mainland  and  Balearic  Islands;  or  81,46  €  in
Canary Islands) shall apply, regardless of the value of damage to the vehicle when it is
returned, the amount of which the Lessor may charge in any case should the CDW not
apply under the provisions of this Article.
g)  Under no circumstances do the CDW or the THW cover the losses, thefts or damages
relating to objects or property, including luggage  or goods, transported, deposited or
kept in the Vehicle by the Renter or any occupant of same.
h)  When, in accordance with the stipulations laid down in these General Conditions, the
CDW  and  THW  exemptions  do  not  apply,  the  Renter  shall  be  responsible  for  the
payment of all the repairs carried out on the Vehicle, as well as a compensation due to
the  immobilization  of  same,  in  accordance  with  article  4.1  b)  of  these  General
i)  The  hire  rates  cover  the  loss  of  and  damage  to  the  Vehicle  in  the  event  of  its
spontaneous  combustion  when  this  is  not  produced  as a  consequence  of  a  traffic
accident or the total or partial theft of the same or acts of vandalism, in which case the
provisions of this article are to apply.
j)  In order for the CDW and/or THW cover to be contracted for drivers between the ages
of  21  and  25,  it  is  obligatory  for  the  contract  hire  price,  in  accordance  with  the
provisions of article 3.2 above, to include the “Young Driver” surcharge applicable to
the drivers/Hirers in this age bracket.

Article 8. Other protections
8.1  SCDW (Super Damage Protection ) y SPCDW (Full Damage Protection)
Total or partial exemption from payment of the excess to be borne by the Renter not covered
by the CDW (see article. 7.3 a)
a)  SCDW  and  SPCDW  are  optional  services  directly  provided  by  the  Lessor  and  they  are
offered  exclusively  by  him,  only  for  a  specific  group  of  clients  and/or  vehicles  which,
through  their  hiring,  they  partially  (SCDW)  or  totally  (SPCDW)  exempt  the  Renter  from
paying the minimum amount at his own cost (excess) not covered by CDW.
The  excess  amount  is  set  in  the  General  Effective  Rate,  and  it  may  appear  in  the  rent
agreement regardless of its hiring being made by SCDW or SPCDW.
b)  If the CDW has not been subscribed to and/or any of the CDW exclusions set out in article
7.3 above apply, then the SCDW and SPCDW shall not be applicable.
8.2 STHW (Super Theft Protection) and SPTHW (Full TheftProtection)
Partial or total exemption from payment of the excess to be borne by the Renter not covered by
THW (see Art. 7.3 a)
a) STHW and SPTHW are optional services directly provided by the Lessor and they are offered
exclusively bi him, only for a specific group of clients and/or vehicles which, through their hiring,
they partially (STHW) or totally (SPTHW) exempt theRenter from paying the minimum amount
at his own cost (excess) not covered by THW.
b) If THW is not hired and/or if any of the THW coverage exemptions set forth in the foregoing
Article 7.3 are applicable, SCDW and SPCDW shall not be applicable.
The  excess  amount  is  set  in  the  General  Effective  Rate,  and  it  may  appear  in  the  rent
agreement regardless of its hiring being made by STHW or SPTHW.
8.3 WWI (Glass, Lights and Tyres Protection)
WWI is an optional service directly provided by the Lessor and it is offered specifically by him,
only  for  specific  groups  of  clients  and/or  vehicles that,  through  is  hiring,  offers  the  following
Exemption  from  the  obligation  to pay for damage and/or loss caused only and exclusively for
crystals, optics and rear-view mirrors of the rented vehicle as a result of dents with iron stones or
other types of stones.
Exemption  from  the  obligation  to  pay  for  damage  and/or  loss  to  the  vehicle’s  rims  or  tyres,
including  the  spare  one,  if  it  was  the  result  of  a  puncture  or  hitting  kerbs  during  parking
In the event WWI is hired as an individual product  or as part of a Premium Protection package,
mentioned in the foregoing Article 8 bis, no excess shall be applied due to the damages caused
on the aforementioned elements and circumstances.
In the event WWI is hired as part of a Medium Protection package, mentioned in the foregoing
Article 8 bis, the damages described herein shall be subject to application of the partial excess
set in the General Effective Rate.
In  any  case,  the  excess  amount  set  in  the  General  Effective  Rate  may  appear  in  the  rent
agreement regardless of the modality (individual product or part of any of the aforementioned
packages) under which WWI has been hired.
Protections mentioned in articles 6, 7 and 8 of these General Rent Conditions may be offered by
the Lessor in a combined way and for specific groups of clients and/or vehicles under any of the
following modalities:
a)  Medium  Protection:  the  following  protections shall be included under this modality: SCDW,
b) Premium Protection: the following protections shall be included under this modality: SPCDW,
In  any  case,  the  hiring  of  any  of  the  aforementiones  combinations  shall  require,  in  all  cases,
previous joint hiring of CDW and THW.

Article 9. Maintenance and Repairs
9.1  Mechanical wear and tear due to the normal use of the Vehicle is the responsibility of the
Rental Party. In the event of the Vehicle being immobilized due to a mechanical breakdown,
the Renter must contact the Rental Party or the Breakdown Service Company used by the
Rental Party, and only this Company. Charges arising from the use of a different Breakdown
Service  Company  shall  only  be  accepted  in  urgent  cases  and  in  the  event  of  the  Rental
Party having previously authorised them expressly.
9.2  The Renter must check the engine liquid levels after every 1,000 kilometres travelled and
top  up  these  levels  if  necessary.  Any  sums  paid  shall  be  deducted  from  the  final  renting
price as long as the Renter submits the corresponding invoices.
9.3  The Renter is not authorised to order the repair of the Vehicle, unless express authorisation
has been given by the Rental Party. In this case, the Renter must submit a detailed invoice
of the repair carried out.

Article 10. Fuels
10.1  The  fuel  consumed  by  the  Vehicle  during  its  renting period  is  for  the  account  of  the
10.2  The  Lessee  must  refill  the  vehicle  with  the  appropriate  type  of  fuel.  If  unsuitable  fuel
should be added, including fuel contaminated with water or other foreign components, the
Lessee will be responsible for any expenses incurred by the transfer of the vehicle and/or
repair of the damage caused to it. Likewise, in such cases the Lessee should pay the Lessor
the respective charge for loss of profit owing to the immobilisation of the vehicle according to
that established in article 4.1 b) of these General Conditions
10.3  The Renter must return the Vehicle with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, he shall be charged
for  the  missing  amount  plus  an  additional  refilling service  charge  as  established  in  the
Applicable General Rate.

Article 11. Modifications of the rental agreement
These General Conditions, as well as the remaining clauses of the rental agreement, may only
be modified by means of a written agreement signed by both parties.

Article 12. Protection of Data of a Personal Nature
For the purposes of what is provided for in the regulations relating to the protection of data of a
personal  nature  and  services  in  the  information  society  and  electronic  commerce,
EUROPCAR  IB,  S.A.  informs  you  that  your  personal  details,  both  those  provided  on
formalising this contract and those collected during the period of the rental services, will be
incorporated  into  a  personal  details  file,  duly  registered  with  the  Spanish  Data  Protection
Agency,  created  by  and  under  the  responsibility  of  this  company,  with  registered  office  at
Avda.  del  Partenón,  16-18,  Campo  de  las  Naciones,  28042  Madrid,  so  as  to  be  able  to
manage  the  contracted  vehicle  rental services as well as for commercial purposes such as
keeping  you  punctually  informed,  either  by  e-mail  or  by  any  other  equivalent  mode,   of  all
those  offers,  products  and  promotions,  whether  its  own or by third parties, that might be of
interest to you.
For  commercial  communications  by  e-mail  or  equivalent  means  and  as  established by Law
34/2002  on  Services  in  the  Information  Society  and  Electronic  Commerce,  you  grant  your
express  consent  for  publicity  to  be  sent  to  you  through  this  medium.  This  consent  may  be
revoked  at  any  time  by  sending  a  request  to  the  following  address:
Similarly, You consent to the cession and/or cross-border transfer of your personal data, to the
company  Europcar  International,  with  registered  address  at  Parc  d'Affaires  Le  Val  SaintQuentin; 
2  rue  René  Caudron  78960  Voisins-le-Bretonneux,  as  well  as  to  the  remaining
entities forming part of the international network of EUROPCAR Group, situated both in states
with comparable protection and, in some cases, without comparable protection, to that of the
Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on protection of personal information (the "LOPD"), and
complete  and  up-to-date  information  about  the  names and  locations  of  these  entities  is
available as part of our Privacy Policy, incorporated into On this point, You
are  informed  that  this  list  is  revised  periodically to  ensure  that  it  is  up-to-date,  and  so  You
should consult it from time to time in case it has been modified.
The  reason  for  this  cession  or,  if  applicable,  cross-border  transfer,  is  the  existence  of  a
centralized global database whose objective is the  control, management and execution of the
services contracted by our customers, and, where appropriate, the pursuance of administrative
procedures  that  may  arise  from  this  relationship  (for  instance,  traffic  offenses  or  any  other
administrative  infringement  committed  by  the  customer  while  using  the  relevant  vehicle),  as
well as to improve the services we offer to our customers.
Further, you are also notified that the recipients  may be entities belonging to Europcar Group
and/or its franchisees. In this latter case, your data may be transferred to states whose level of
protection is not comparable to that of the cited Organic Law, though solely and exclusively for
the execution of the contract agreed by You as well as, if appropriate, the management and
control of the responsibilities that may arise from the said contractual relationship.
We inform you that in case you infringe any local regulations, EUROPCAR shall be entitled to
identify you before the competent authority, administrative body or competent private or public
entity with the purpose that said entities were able to claim you any fees, un-paid tolls, fines or
any  liability  arising from your acts. Please note,  that in those cases, we could communicate
your  data  details  to  entities  within  the  territory  of  Spain  or  those  where  you  have  used  the
Likewise,  your  data  may  be  ceded  to  other  companies of  the  transport  and  tourism  sectors
which are, or may become in the future, collaborators in the business activities of EUROPCAR
IB, S.A., in order that they may carry out promotional activities.
In any case, You are hereby informed that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification,
objection and/or deletion of your personal data, by written request to the Customer Assistance
Department,  EUROPCAR  IB,  S.A.,  at  the  address  indicated  above,  or  by  email  to  However,  you  compromise  to  provide  us  with  accurate  and  true
personal data details and, in case of modification of said data to notify it to EUROPCAR.
In  the  event  that  you  provide  us  with  incorrect,  non-accuracy  or  false  personal  data  details,
EUROPCAR shall assume any fine, fee or un-paid debt you may incur before third parties, but
shall be entitled to directly charge you said amounts in your credit card or any other means of
payment provided by you or, in case, execute any legal action to claim said amounts.
EUROPCAR, in compliance with the regulations on data protection, and especially the LOPD,
also  informs  you  that  your  data  may  be  held  for processing after the end of the contractual
relationship in the event that there has been some  noncompliance with the present General
Rental Conditions in order to resolve and manage that relationship and any future provision of
services to You.
If for some reason it should happen that You have an enforceable unpaid debt, collectible by
EUROPCAR, whose payment has been previously demanded but which has not been settled,
this  information  may  be  incorporated  into  a  file  –a database–  on  solvency  and
creditworthiness, as is required by the regulations in force.
Likewise,  You  are  informed  that  your  personal  data, as  well  as  a  copy  of  your  rental
agreement,  may  be  furnished  to  the  entity  SECURITIFLEET  SL,  a  rental  company  for  the
vehicles which form part of the fleet of EUROPCAR IB, SA, for the sole purpose of compliance
with  the  requirements  of  the  competent  authorities  in  relation  to  potential  fines  arising  from
traffic offenses committed during the rental period of the Vehicle.
Finally,  You  are  hereby  informed  that  you  may  exercise  your  rights  of  access,  rectification,
objection and/or deletion of your personal data, by written request to the Customer Assistance
Department of SECURITIFLEET S.L. at the following address: Avenida del Partenón, no. 16-18, 28042,
Madrid or by email addressed to

Article 13. Rental vehicles
The company Securitifleet, S.L. is the owner of nearly all the vehicles rented by Europcar IB,
S.A. to its clients, as stipulated in the general rental conditions currently in force, and it has set
up a pledge on its vehicles in favour of its creditors, heirs and cessionaries. According to the
terms  of  said pledge, Europcar IB, S.A. has been designated third possessor as per article
1863 of the Spanish Civil Code.
As a result thereof, even when Securitifleet S.L. appears as the rightful owner of the vehicle in
any  documentation  supplied,  all  vehicle  returns  made  by  Europcar  IB,  S.A.  clients  must
necessarily  be  made  to  Europcar  IB,  S.A.  in  virtue  of  its  designation  as  third possessor or,
should the circumstances arise, to any other entity that were to replace Europcar IB, S.A. as
third  possessor,  and  never  to  Securitifleet,  S.L.  For  more  information,  please  contact  the
Europcar IB, S.A. Customer Service Department on the telephone number +34 917226200.

Article 14. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction
14.1  This rental agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of
the country in which it has been signed.
14.2  Any  disputes  which  may  arise  as  a  result  of  this  rental  agreement  between  the  Rental
Party and the Renter come under the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts of law, to which
both parties yield. 

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